Politics and Economics

Summer Boarding Courses’ Politics & Economics programme has been designed for the political leaders of tomorrow. Our Politics & Economics students at Oxford College will develop their understanding of key concepts in the process of political governance, and how different forms of political impact on society. In addition, they will discover how governments and governmental policies are maintained or changed, while furthering their ability to evaluate the ideologies and values at the heart of different political systems.

As economic considerations are at the heart of policy making, this programme will also present to students how the study of Economics shapes political thinking and ideologies, both nationally and internationally. Students will focus on how economic resources are politicised to develop domestic and foreign policy.

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Ruslam, Student, Russia

There were students from lots of different countries in the class, which created interesting debates and different views.

Politics and Economics

Learning English Through Politics and Economics

Summer Boarding Courses’ Politics & Economics programme is designed to teach the English language through studying Politics. In these courses, English language and Politics & Economics tuition are integrated together, so that knowledge of both subjects is improved at the same time.

Our Politics & Economic programme has the following four objectives:

  • Content: Improving the knowledge of Politics & Economics
  • Communication: Studying through a communicative and collaborative approach to learning, with the aim of improving English language proficiency
  • Cognition: All courses at SBC focus on developing 21st-Century Skills, such as critical thinking skills, collaborative skills and presentation skills.
  • Culture: All courses include the cross-cultural benefits of studying in a multi-national environment
Two male students sat together doing some work
Politics and Economics

Time to Shine

Summer Boarding Courses’ Politics & Economics students will learn that powerful oratory is a vital part of a successful political career. Throughout the course, students will participate in an assignment in which they will develop a campaign for a mock political election. This project will culminate Oxford College’s own Election Night, in which students’ deliver their campaign speech as part of a model election simulation.

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