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It is said that Mathematics is the study of every possible pattern which can exist. As such, Mathematics is a broad subject with a wide application in both professional and academic fields. It is an essential component not only of future study in Mathematics, but also in Natural Sciences (i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Biology) as well as Formal Sciences (i.e. Logic, Statistics, and Robotics). It is also essential to have an advanced level in Mathematics in order to study Engineering and Computer Sciences, in addition to many other scientific subjects.

Through the study of Mathematics, our students are able to use English in an academic setting and develop their knowledge and understanding of both Mathematics and the English language.

Mathematics at Oxford College

At A Glance

  • Campus: Oxford College
  • Course Length: 2 Weeks
  • Hours of English Through Academic Subjects Tuition Per Week:  20
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 students
  • Age Range: 15 to 17 years
  • Level Required: Intermediate (B1) and Above
  • Mathematics Level Required: A minimum Mathematics level is necessary for the course.
  • EtonX: Exclusive EtonX Future Skills online course included
  • Suitable For: Students interested in pursuing future study in all Mathematics disciplines; Natural Sciences; Formal Sciences; Engineering; Computer Sciences
Mathematics at Oxford College

What You’ll Learn

Students will develop both their English language skills and their knowledge of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Pure Mathematics is the study of mathematics in the abstract; how numbers and calculations can be analysed to reveal their fundamental elements. Applied Mathematics is how we can use numbers and calculations in real-world situations, such as in science, medicine and engineering. Subjects studied include: Graph Theory, Algorithms, Tessellations, Group Theory, Fractals, Complex Numbers, Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio, Conic Sections, Kinematics, Codes, Ciphers and Probability. As all lessons are conducted in English in a multinational environment, students will also develop their English language skills, particularly in communicating with others and sharing ideas.

Mathematics at Oxford College

Time to Shine

Each week our Mathematics students will work together to participate in a research and presentation project. They will all have the opportunity to give presentations based on their own research and participate in fun and collaborative class competitions.

What You’ll Take Away

By studying in a student-centred environment, and through a focus on developing 21st century skills, our Mathematics students can return home with an introductory understanding of the basics of Higher Mathematics, better confidence in their communication and presentation skills and with greater motivation to apply these skills to their future learning.

Featured Modules

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Mathematics at Oxford College

Mathematics takes place at Oxford College (Ages 15 – 17).  To find out more about our Oxford College campus including accommodation, activities, excursions, and prices and dates visit our campus page

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