Oxford College (Ages 15-17)

General English

General English is the perfect course for students wishing to improve their English language skills for both general and academic purposes. Our curriculum consists of interactive lessons and thought-provoking workshops, to develop students’ knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, and the ability to effectively participate in university lectures and tutorials. Successfully using English in academic situations is not only a question of choosing the appropriate register, vocabulary and grammar. Critical thinking plays a crucial role too, as it is used to construct logical arguments and critique the arguments of others.

General English at Oxford College (Ages 15-17)

At A Glance

  • Campus: Oxford College
  • Length of Course: 2 Weeks
  • Hours of English Tuition Per Week: 20
  • Age Range: 15 to 17 Years
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 Students
  • Key Skills Developed: English Language, Critical Thinking, Research & Presentation
  • Language Level Required: Intermediate (B1) and Above
  • EtonX: Exclusive EtonX Future Skills Online Course Included
  • Suitable for Further Study or Career: Any English Language Teaching Universities or Career
General English at Oxford College

Time to Shine

In today’s world, the ability to demonstrate effective research skills and speak confidently are vital for achieving academic and professional success. Our weekly Time to Shine research and presentation projects are central to our General English course. Students will practice analysing sources and selecting relevant information, learn to think critically about current issues and arguments, and work together to create and prepare engaging presentations to deliver in front of their peers.

General English at Oxford College

What You’ll Take Away

Communication is at the heart of our General English course, ensuring students develop not only their knowledge of the English language, but also their confidence to use English in a variety of situations. Our emphasis on nurturing critical thinking and collaboration skills will also help our students to succeed in a wide range of general, professional and academic situations, which will be useful for further study in any discipline.

Featured Modules

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General English at Oxford College

General English takes place at Oxford College (Ages 15 – 17).  To find out more about our Oxford College campus including accommodation, activities, excursions, and prices and dates visit our campus page.

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