Cambridge College (Ages 15-17)


Designed for students who wish to improve their English through the study of an academic subject, Engineering focuses on innovation, design and construction. Utilising both science and mathematics, Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles to solve real-world problems, such as in the construction of bridges, buildings, electronic circuits and mechanical design. It is also used to address critical issues in today’s global climate such as water and air pollution, and other such areas in the promotion of healthy ecosystems.

Engineering at Cambridge College (Ages 15-17)

At A Glance

  • Campus: Cambridge College
  • Length of Course: 2 Weeks
  • Hours of English Through Academic Subjects Tuition Per Week: 20
  • Age Range: 15 to 17 Years
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 Students
  • Key Skills Developed: Communication Skills, Engineering, Innovation, Design & Teamwork
  • EtonX: Exclusive EtonX Future Skills Online Course Included
  • Suitable For: Further Study or Career in all Engineering Disciplines
A view of Cambridge College across the river
Engineering at Cambridge College

What You’ll Learn

In our project lessons, students will look at such engineering challenges as the construction of bridges, towers, buildings, cars and airplanes and how fundamental principles (such as Newtonian and non-Newtonian physics, Lenz’s Law and Bernoulli’s Principle) determine the possibilities of such feats. We will also look at how leading engineers have applied style to functionality, in order to create such design icons as Faraday’s motor and Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes.

Engineering at Cambridge College

What You’ll Take Away

Building Bridges across Engineering Disciplines
In our interactive and communicative Engineering course, students study elements of Thermodynamics, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics, Electromagnetism and Space Exploration. Students focus on both the scientific and mathematical principles of these disciplines, and learn how these can be applied through our practical project lessons.

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Engineering at Cambridge College

Engineering takes place at Cambridge College (Ages 15 – 17).  To find out more about our Cambridge College campus including accommodation, activities, excursions, and prices and dates visit our campus page

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